Brick and stone are the most enduring and enjoyed building material today. No other building material offers so many elegant ways to create detailing and unique architectural effects. In walls, windows, entryways and landscaping – from vaulting arches to rising columns, subtle sills to expressive border projections, sculpted chimneys to decorative patterns accenting facades and pathways – at the very first glance, nothing else leaves a more memorable impression.

Comfort, Value, & Peace Of Mind

Brick and stone give you everything that you desire for your home or commercial project – comfort, enduring beauty, style, craftsmanship and peace of mind. More importantly, brick delivers all that you’ll need for your project, permanence, stability, security, design integrity and long-term value.

Brick also provides a lasting value to your investment. For brick homeowners, studies show brick homes have a higher resale value than their non-brick counterparts. And brick contributes to lower utility bills and insurance premiums.

Exceptional Design & Performance

Brick is the premier choice among architects who want an outstanding quality building material that meets both innovative design challenges and demanding construction specifications. Our manufacturers produce brick which exceeds ASTM requirements for quality, durability and consistency.

Helping to reliably meet the needs of the architectural, commercial and residential communities, we will connect you to an experienced mason that will work with the architect and builder to review the masonry details. We can help design custom shapes and provide expert installation advice. We also offer programs and seminars to educate professionals on proper masonry techniques.

Availability Of Choices

Serving Southern Minnesota, Western Wisconsin, and Northern Iowa, North Star Stone and Masonry is a full-service distributor for extruded, molded, and glazed face brick in over 1,000 colors, textures and sizes. On top of that, we offer nautural and manufactured stone in a wide assortment of colors, styles, textures, and well-known brand names. With this amazing selection of options, you can be assured that we have the right product for your project.

North Star Stone and Masonry continues its tradition of assisting you in designing your environment and transforming your home, office or store into a comfortable living space.